Doing for mobile what blogging did for the Web.

Headquartered in the hub of mobile innovation, Stockholm, Sweden, DIDMO is the creator of the award-winning Magmito, the world's first user-generated mobile content creation service. The company was founded in 2006 as a mobile gaming service offering free games from publishers subsidized by unobtrusive advertising.

Then in April 2009, the company evolved into the burgeoning mobile application software space with the launch of Magmito. This popular toolset empowers anyone from individuals to business and agencies to create and share mobile content, delivered directly to virtually any phone on the market.

The staggering growth of the mobile content industry has produced demand for easy-to-use mobile content creation tools . DIDMO has heard the call and has empowered anyone to create, customize, track and deliver high-performance mobile apps with universal reach. We stay ahead of the game by staying true to our vision: Anyone can create high-quality mobile content for any phone.

Recipient of Frost & Sullivan's 2009 Mobility Award for Enabling Technology, DIDMO also won Sweden's Gold Mobile Award for, "This Year's Mobile Business Solution".

DIDMO's Mission

DIDMO's mission is to deliver the market leading mobile application generator. We will achieve this by meeting the growing market demand for a true end-to-end solution for easy mobile content creation and universal delivery. Our software offering will incorporate an award-winning toolset with universal reach (from Java to iPhone),  innovative and competitive features and a simple business model .

The drive, passion and talent of our team will grow and maintain customer loyalty.

Mobilize your business

Whether you represent a Fortune 500, an agency focused on mobile marketing or Joe's Pizza Shop, we have a mobile business solution that meets your needs and budget.

If you're on a quest for the right mobile communication partner, please download our corporate presentation to learn why DIDMO should be your #1 choice.

DIDMO Overview 2013

“I'm around a lot of Mom and Pop pizza chains. I'd love to be able to pull up their customer app and order a pie. With Magmito, that's actually a realistic scenario.”

Roger Cheng, CNET, "DIDMO: One way to get your small business apps discovered." February 2012

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