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DIDMO’s Magmito Mobile Application Generator wins Mobility Award for Marketing

MobileTrax honours Magmito on the heels of its QR Code integration.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – March 31, 2010 – DIDMO, a leading mobile business solutions provider, has been named the winner of the 2010 Mobility Award - Best in Mobile Marketing for Mobile App Creator, Magmito.

The 2010 Mobility Awards, presented by leading mobile and industry analyst firm MobileTrax, honor the best mobile computing and wireless data communications products and services introduced to the market during the past year. The award was presented at the Wireless Innovators Dinner during CTIA on March 24.

"A year has passed since DIDMO launched Magmito, one of the first mobile application generators for any phone," said J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., Principal Analyst with MobileTrax LLC. "Since then, the company has introduced a PRO version for marketers and recently added QR Code integration that links print and mobile, enabling a seamless mobile marketing experience for retailers and consumers alike."

Now, all mobile applications created using Magmito will auto-generate unique QR Codes that once scanned and read by mobile phones with built-in cameras, will lead users directly to mobile applications.

"We're thrilled to be recognized with a Mobility Award for the third year in a row as it demonstrates our commitment to innovation in the mobile space," said Roberto Chaves, CEO, DIDMO. "DIDMO is once again ahead of the curve, providing auto-generated QR Codes that will link to engaging, interactive mobile apps which can be viewed by virtually any phone, regardless of make or model and updated by brand marketers in real-time."

Camera phones account for 73% of all phones in use today and mobile device manufacturers are increasingly supplying their phones with barcode readers pre-installed. Nokia's Symbian and Google's Android platforms have native QR Code readers on some models, with Sony Ericsson reportedly to follow. iPhone users can easily download readers from the App Store. For those phones that don't have a QR Code reader, Magmito supplies a short URL where it automatically detects phone type and provides a link for users to download the correct QR Code reader for their phone type.

"QR stands for Quick Response and from a marketing perspective, that's exactly what you want your customers to do," said Ted Iannuzzi, SVP Sales & Marketing, DIDMO. "QR Codes eliminate the need for consumers to type in lengthy mobile addresses, send SMS' or have their Bluetooth enabled to receive valuable mobile information from advertisers. Now, they scan it and get it. And what brand marketers and agencies get is a seamless mobile content creation and universal distribution solution."

How it works:
1. Magmito user creates a custom mobile application.
2. The user has access to a unique QR Code that can be copied, saved and distributed once the application is published.
3. User can display the QR Code via email, print material, point-of-purchase, website etc.
4. Customer scans QR Code with camera phone and receives Magmito content
5. Or customer enters short Magmito URL where phone type is detected and directed to download phone-specific QR Code Reader software.

Magmito is the mobile industry's first user-generated mobile content creation tool that allows anyone to create, publish and share cross-platform compatible content. With Magmito's easy-to-use templates, customized presentations can easily be created and viewed as an application or within a mobile browser distributed to virtually any mobile phone. The revolutionary service also includes the ability to implement polls, quizzes and forms, allowing consumer brands the ability to solicit feedback from customers.

QR Code generation is provided at no cost so now, Magmito Basic users now have the option to create and distribute their ad-subsidized mobile apps completely free of charge. Magmito Pro and Enterprise clients can turn to DIDMO for custom QR Code development, like those used in campaigns for brand names like Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs. Advertisers can go beyond the traditional black and white QR Code to incorporate branding and color directly in the code.

According to Mr.Iannuzzi, a number of DIDMO's clients will launch QR Code mobile campaigns within the next month. "Our clients are excited about this development," he said. "And we can't wait to show you just how creative we can get with the application of this technology and our Magmito mobile content creation platform."

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, DIDMO is an award-winning mobile business solutions provider that offers an end-to-end solution for cross-compatible mobile content creation and distribution. With the launch of the world's first user-generated mobile content creation service, Magmito in April 2009, the company evolved into the burgeoning mobile application software space. Its award-winning toolset empowers anyone from individuals to business and agencies to create and share mobile content, delivered directly to virtually any phone on the market. Recipient of Frost & Sullivan's 2009 Mobility Award for Enabling Technology, DIDMO also won Sweden's Gold Mobile Award for, "This Year's Mobile Business Solution".

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"By utilizing the (Magmito) app as part of the course, students can visualize the opportunities mobile apps can bring as well as learn how to effectively integrate mobile marketing as part of their overall brand and business strategy."

-Renee Harris, academic director of the marketing & PR programs at NYU-SCPS, August 2011

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