Monday Feb 13, 2012 | 13:14
In the News: CNET, "DIDMO: One way to get your small business apps discovered"
Roger Cheng covers Magmito and Constant Contact integration for SMBs

Roger Cheng of leading tech media website CNET explains how small businesses with little tech can easily build apps using Magmito and promote them to their email lists instantly via Constant Contact.

Here's an excerpt from his article, "DIDMO: One way to get your small business apps discovered"

"With apps all the rage, small businesses want to get in on the action too. But it's anything but easy.

Relatively few small companies have the resources to build and market their own apps...Now one of those companies, Didmo, is offering a way to get the word out on its newly created app.

Last week, Didmo unveiled a partnership with Constant Contact, an email marketing services provider, which could potentially help answer the issue of discoverability.

Didmo's Magmito platform is one of many that offers small businesses and individuals a way for them to create a basic application. The app runs across nearly all of the mobile platforms, including Android, BlackBerry and feature phones. For iOS, Magmito creates a Web app that can be placed on the device's home page. The company argues that  the approval process is too complicated for most small businesses.

'Our vision with Magmito has been to put the ability to create apps in the hands of small businesses,' Didmo CEO Ted Iannuzzi told me.

Living in Manhattan, I'm around a lot of mom and pop pizza chains. I'd love to be able to pull up their customer app and order a pie. With Magmito, that's actually a realistic scenario."



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"Want to jump on the app bandwagon but not sure how or how expensive it would be? Here is a solution. Magmito is an affordable, easy-to-use online platform that lets anyone create mobile apps for any mobile platform.”

-Steve Strauss, "Ask An Expert", USA Today, October 2011

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